Languages supported: Belgian Dutch, Dutch, English (Australia), English (United Kingdom), Italian



  • Turn the voice on and off quicker with the handy new shortcut key (CTRL + 0).
  • Jump straight to the item you want in GuideConnect’s actions menu by pressing the first letter ie ‘P’ for print.


  • You can easily download files from links that are sent to you by email.
  • It is now simple to save an attachment while you are looking at it.


  • Using the internet is much easier - the browser remembers your last position on a webpage and your cookies (small details relating to each of the webpages you use).

Letters and Documents

  • You will find that addresses are saved and can be added to documents, if you have previously sent the addressee a letter.
  • No more losing the latest version of your document, as GuideConnect asks if you would like to save after an action.

Scanner and Camera

  • Viewing pictures is more enjoyable as you can move to the next or previous image when in My Pictures.
  • Print off beautiful images with the correct proportions  - no more stretched pictures.
  • The ‘delete’ and ‘print’ options work fully.

BUG FIXES for those with a more technical interest


  • Now working:
    • Copy & paste.
    • The delete key in single line edit areas.
    • The ‘read passwords as star’ setting in all GuideConnect password areas.


  • Fixes for POP email accounts, including:
    • You can move emails to folders.
    • Emails which have been opened are marked as read.
    • The subject line is displayed in the title bar for HTML emails.
    • When searching the inbox, the search results list newest email first.


  • You will find improvements in highlight and voice at high zoom levels.

Letters and Documents

  • When printing a document, options in the Paper Size list are correct.


  • If GuideConnect is not running when an event reminder is due, a notification is displayed the next time GuideConnect is turned on.


  • Correct details are displayed for each radio station.
  • GuideConnect no longer hangs if you add multiple custom stations to your favourites.

Other v1 releases:

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