Languages supported: English (United Kingdom), English (United States), Swedish

Released: 13/05/2019

Languages supported: UK and US English


Voice Input- use your voice to:

  • Perform accurate, fast dictation in emails, documents and letters.
  • Enter log-in details, contact details and titles when searching for books.
  • Get answers in websites – ask a question and GuideConnect does a Google Search and takes you straight to the top result.

New Entertainment Menu

  • Radio has been renamed Entertainment.
  • Inside Entertainment you will now find Radio and another new GuideConnect feature, Podcasts.


  • Easily listen to podcast episodes.
  • You can add podcasts to a Favourites menu.
  • No more wading slowly through lengthy podcasts, with excellent skipping functionality.


  • Pauses have been added between what GuideConnect announces in respect of menus, lists and which option is currently selected, to make the announcements clearer.

BUG FIXES for those with a more technical interest


  • In single line edit areas CTRL + A now announces all text selected and selects the text.

Address book

  • You can now use the county field in address book.
  • Expand to Fit Option in printing settings for Address Book now prints as expected.


  • Scan for text option in actions menu is now available when viewing an image.


  • GuideBrowser.exe process no longer remains when GuideConnect has been closed.
  • Internet pages were stating “top of page” when pressing the up arrow and “bottom of page” when pressing the down arrow – this has now been fixed.
  • Entering text into edit areas now works properly including when setting up a Gmail account.

Tools and settings

  • When escaping from typing tutor you now return to the training menu.


  • Easily save emails to the drafts folder and you can now edit emails in the drafts folder.
  • Users with a GuideMail, POP, Microsoft Live or Hotmail account will find their accounts now work correctly.
  • Emails are now stating when deleted.
  • When checking for emails, all emails that have been marked as opened are no longer reset to unread.
  • PNG, JPG & PDF files now display within Email when sent from another GuideConnect Email account.
  • After forwarding an email you can now continue past or escape from the ‘Email sent successfully’ screen.
  • When pressing ESC within 'Select from address book' you now navigate to the 'choose recipient' menu.


  • When pressed in a document, the Dolphin Home Key on the Dolphin Keyboard now prompts to save.


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