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New in GuideConnect 1.27


GuideConnect 1.27 provides a range of fixes and improvements to help you get more from your GuideConnect experience. In this update, there are improvements to Notifications, the Website menu and the Email menu.

The 1.27 update also includes a range of further improvements for print, documents, emails and more.


Notification Improvements

Notifications has been moved to the GuideConnect Main Menu. This makes it easier to read notifications such as: ‘new email received’, calendar reminders, ‘device battery running low’, ‘book download complete’ etc.

Notification announcements have now been extended to provide more information. 

New functionality has been added to notifications. It’s now possible to open relevant links if they are included in an announcement. These can take you through to the relevant location, such as a new email, or to a new Knowledge Base Article or support video.

New in Emails

  • The email ‘Drafts’ option has been moved to the Email menu.
    This makes it more convenient to save, complete and send draft emails, particularly if you compose drafts offline or lose internet connection before you send.
  • Language support is now available for the characters Å Ä Ö, which are now all available to use in emails.


Printing Bug Fixes:

  • When printing a document, the font now ‘expands to fit’ as expected.
  • When printing a draft email, the ‘original’ text size is correct.
  • Printing multiple copies of a letter or document now works as expected.
  • Additional envelope sizes have been added to US GuideConnect, so users in America can now print to standard US envelope sizes.
  • Letters will now print the address and letter in the correctly sized font.

Email Fix

  • You can now send scanned documents by email. 

Document Fixes

  • Recent documents shows only documents recently used, rather than last documents used.
  • You can now toggle the voice on and off in the Document Editor when you’re viewing or creating documents and letters. 

Entertainment Fixes

  • If you eject a USB which is playing music, you will return to the GuideConnect main menu.
  • You can now play music MP3s from an external drive or CD
  • GuideConnect will now play MP3 files which contain diacritics in the file name

Other Fixes

  • Newspaper headings display correctly and as expected.
  • The ‘Phonetic Read’ website hotkey, now reads any selected words on websites phonetically, as expected.
  • New words added to GuideConnect dictionary so they won’t be picked up by the spellchecker.
  • AM and PM announcements are now made when using the 12-hour clock.
  • Settings search bar now switches in line with the current display language, if you change it.




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