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What's New in GuideConnect 1.17

GuideConnect 1.17 introduces new single player games. Customers in the UK are also provided with direct access to the Calibre Audio collection of accessible audio books.  This release also includes a number of important fixes and improvements for reading emails, visiting websites and more.

NEW: Single Player Games

Three new single player games are available in GuideConnect:

  • Hangman
  • Blackjack
  • Sudoku.

As well as being fun to play, games can provide benefits that include including keeping minds active, reducing stress and improving mental health.

Now available in the Entertainment menu, these new single-player games are accessible and easy to use with GuideConnect.

Hangman is a classic word game. Players win by uncovering the letters of a hidden word. Each time the player guesses an incorrect letter, GuideConnect draws another part of the hangman. To win the game, players need to uncover the complete word before the hangman drawing is complete.

Image of a game of Hangman being played in GuideConnect

Blackjack is a card-based game where players attempt to win as many casino chips as possible from the dealer. To win, players need to match the value of their cards as close to 21 as possible. After being dealt two cards, players can choose ‘Hit’ to be dealt another card, or ‘Stick’ to stay with the cards they currently have. Players win if the value of their cards is closer to 21 than the dealer’s, or if the dealer’s cards add up to more than 21. (Please note: The casino chips in the GuideConnect Blackjack are not real currency).

Image of a game of blackjack being played in GuideConnect

Sudoku is a number-based puzzle for people who enjoy a challenge. To win the game, players need to complete a 9 by 9 grid so that each column, row and 3 by 3 sub-grid contains all of the digits from 1 to 9. Some numbers will already be completed to start the game off. There’s only one solution to each Sudoku puzzle board.

Image of a game of Sudoku being played in GuideConnect

NEW: Calibre Audio

GuideConnect customers in the UK can now download and read accessible audio books from Calibre Audio.Calibre Audio logo

With more than 12,000 audiobooks, Calibre Audio is one of the UK's most popular audiobook collections available to people who have a print-based disability. The Calibre Audio collection offers accessible audiobook versions of the latest bestsellers, classic literature, non-fiction titles and more than 3,000 books specifically for children and young readers.

Members of Calibre Audio can now sign in and browse the entire collection in GuideConnect. Up to four books can be borrowed at any one time. Once borrowed, the books can be downloaded in GuideConnect where they can be read in comfort or copied to a portable device. After 30 days, GuideConnect automatically returns each title back to Calibre Audio, so members can browse the collection again and borrow more.

Please note: Users need to be a member of Calibre Audio to use this feature.

Additional technical improvements and fixes:

  • FIX: Address book. Addresses can now be printed correctly onto envelopes using a Canon TS3150 printer.
  • FIX: Books and News. Books and newspapers from the Dutch library Passend Lezen can now be opened and read as expected.
  • FIX: Books and News. Books in a DAISY text and audio format are now read correctly when the option for ‘Use Book Voice when available’ is set to OFF.
  • FIX: Books and News. Newspapers from the Italian newspaper service UICI are no longer listed as available to ‘Read now’ if they have not yet been downloaded.
  • FIX: Books and News. Fix for the Italian Newspaper provider UICI. Users are now returned to the correct screen if they press ESCPAE when entering their password.
  • NEW: Email. Improvements have been made for synchronising emails from IMAP accounts. Instead of storing emails locally, GuideConnect now fetches emails from IMAP accounts directly as required. This means the list of emails in GuideConnect will always be up to date.
  • NEW: Email. Users can now sign in to email accounts in GuideConnect.
  • FIX: Email. Emails with no subject lines are now displayed correctly in GuideConnect.
  • FIX: Email. GuideConnect no longer closes when an email containing a calendar invitation is opened.
  • FIX: Email. Saved attachments can now be renamed with a name of less than four characters.
  • FIX: General. The option to remember your position in a menu is now working correctly.
  • FIX: Dolphin Keyboard. If you have not signed in to an email account in GuideConnect, pressing the email button on the Dolphin Keyboard now provides the option to sign in to an email account.
  • FIX: Radio. Danish radio stations now play as expected.
  • NEW: Video Calling. An option has been added to the address book to invite a friend or family member to sign up to video calling. After the invitation is sent, an option is provided to add the contact to the Video Calling Favourites list.
  • FIX: Websites. Fix to prevent GuideConnect displaying a black screen when opening a web page or HTML email.

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