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GuideConnect 1.24 includes a new PDF reader, the ability to create email groups and read the latest news headlines with RSS News. 

The 1.24 update also enables customers across all GuideConnect languages to dictate documents and emails, and perform a Google search using voice input. Please note: from the release of GuideConnect 1.24, voice input is exclusively available for customers with an active Premium Plan

New PDF reader

GuideConnect 1.24 includes an all-new reader that enables you to open and read PDF documents. With the new PDF reader, you can use GuideConnect to:

  • Open text-based PDFs instantly, including PDF documents that are password protected. 
  • Scan and read image-based PDFs. After they are scanned, image-based PDFs are opened in a text view. 
  • Listen to PDFs read aloud by pressing the F5 key.
  • Increase and decrease the zoom level of a PDF using the F11 and F12 keys.
  • Choose to view the PDF in its original layout, with GuideConnect colours, or in a text-only format.
  • Skip to the next and previous page using the PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN keys, or by opening the Actions menu.
  • Print the PDF using the Actions menu.
  • Complete forms contained in PDFs. If the PDF contains form fields, open the Actions menu and choose ‘Form editor.’ Once selected, GuideConnect provides an option to complete each form field in turn.  

Voice input available for all languages

Voice input is now available for customers in all language versions of GuideConnect. This enables people using GuideConnect to dictate emails and documents, and to perform a Google search online using just their voice. 

Previous releases of GuideConnect included voice input for eight languages. GuideConnect 1.24 now also includes voice input for customers in Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the Netherlands. 

From the release of GuideConnect 1.24, an active Premium Plan is required to use voice input. Keep your Premium Plan up to date to ensure you benefit from:

  • All Premium features in GuideConnect, such as video calling, multiple email accounts and the use of voice input.
  • Regular updates containing a range of improvements and fixes.
  • Top priority for queries with the Dolphin Product Support team.

You can check whether your Premium Plan is active using the menu options in GuideConnect. To do this, select ‘Tools’ from the main menu, then choose ‘About’, then choose ‘Check my Premium Plan’. For advice on Premium Plans or to renew your existing Premium Plan, call the Dolphin team on 01905 754 577.

Email Groups

A new option is now available in the Email menu to create ‘Email Groups’. This option enables you to: 

  • Create new email groups.
  • Add people to groups from your GuideConnect address book.
  • Easily send emails to all contacts in a group at once. 

Read the latest news with RSS News

An RSS News feature is now available in the Entertainment menu. The RSS News feature enables people using GuideConnect to read the latest news headlines from a variety of popular news services from their region. After selecting a news service, GuideConnect opens a list of all of the latest news articles available. Users can select an article to read it using the web browser. 

Additional fixes and improvements

  • FIX: Books and News. When a large newspaper is being downloaded, the download percentage is now displayed as expected. 
  • NEW: Documents. A new option has been added to the Print menu to choose whether to print a document in portrait or landscape orientation. 
  • NEW: Email. It is now possible to view and save images that are contained within the text of an email. To do this, open an email that contains images, then open the Actions menu and choose ‘View images.’
  • NEW: Email. GuideConnect 1.24 includes support for the Microsoft oAuth2 service. This ensures that GuideConnect will be able to continue supporting a range of email accounts. 
  • FIX: Email. Links in emails which are designed to open in a new browser window can now be opened in GuideConnect. 
  • FIX: General. Improvements have been made to make GuideConnect faster to start-up. 
  • FIX: General. Screen titles are now announced correctly by the speech when the announcement level for the voice is set to ‘Low’. 
  • FIX: General. It is now possible to move the highlight to the options in confirmation screens by pressing the first character from the option. This functionality is already available for menus and lists in GuideConnect. 
  • NEW: Podcasts. A new option is available in the Podcast menu for ‘Top podcasts’. This option lists the 25 most popular podcast feeds from listeners across each country. 
  • NEW: Settings. A new option is available to choose whether the voice announces the SPACE key when typing. To change this setting, open ‘Settings’, then choose ‘Speech and audio’, then select ‘Speech when typing’.
  • NEW: Settings. A new option is available to choose whether the display language is changed when the user switches between their preferred voices. This is particularly useful for people who need to be able to read emails and websites in different languages. 
  • FIX: Settings. The option to ‘Skip to top google result’ is now set to ON by default. This setting is used when a customer performs a search online using voice input.

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