Languages supported: Danish, English (Australia), English (South African), English (United Kingdom), English (United States), French (Canada), Norwegian, Swedish

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EasyReader 7 is the new way to read – with lots of exciting features to enhance your reading experience. With a completely new look and interface EasyReader 7 is easy to use and flexible, with lots of improvements to make reading enjoyable.

What’s New?


With access to national talking book libraries all via the same simple and consistent interface, downloading and reading books is easier than ever. And, unlike the majority of solutions which support mobile platforms, EasyReader supports Windows which is still the prevalent learning environment used in education.

Sign into online book, newspaper and magazine providers on EasyReader 7 via the Bookshelf feature. User online bookshelf is supported, meaning users can transfer between EasyReader on Windows and the individual library app on a mobile device, and vice versa.

There are multiple language content libraries, all of which are accessed from the same place.

The libraries are:

  • Passend Lezen boeken and audio kranten (Books and Newspapers, Netherlands)

  • Anderslezen (Books, Belgium)

  • Bookshare & Bookshare Periodicals (Books and Newspapers, International)

  • CNIB (Books, Canada)

  • Epubbooks (Books, International)

  • Project Gutenberg (Books, International)

  • NKL (FFVI) (Newspapers, Finnish)

  • Inlasningstjanst (Books, Sweden)

  • KDD (Books, Czech)

  • Load2Learn (Books, UK)

  • Legimus (Books, Sweden)

  • MTM Taltidningar (Newspapers, Sweden)

  • NFB-Newsline (Newspapers, US)

  • NLB (Books, Norwegian)

  • NLS BARD (Books, US)

  • Nota (Books, Denmark)

  • RNIB NTNM (Newspapers, UK)

  • SBS (Books, Switzerland)

  • Vision Australia (Books, Australia and UK)


We’ve integrated Vocalizer Expressive Voices into EasyReader 7, which are not only more advanced than SAPI, but also sound much better too. Each region comes with a choice of voices, which can be changed within the settings to suit your own particular preference. Please note, not all of the voices below are included in every region.

  • Danish_Magnus

  • Danish_Sara

  • English_GB_Daniel

  • English_GB_Serena

  • English_US_Allison

  • English_US_Samantha

  • English_US_Tom

  • Norwegian_Henrik

  • Norwegian_Nora

  • Spanish_Mexico_Angelica

  • Swedish_Alva

  • Swedish_Klara

  • Swedish_Oskar

The reading experience

As well as looking great and enabling access to so much content, EasyReader 7 has lots of new features designed with the reader in mind, including the ability to tailor the appearance of their chosen book to meet their individual needs:

  • Change font (including dyslexia friendly fonts)

  • Change line height

  • Change letter spacing

  • Adjust margins

  • Show focus sentence

  • Ability to add a TTS Lexicon

  • Remove book CSS styling

  • Ability to open DocX file format

  • Option to switch languages

  • Cover images are included for ease of identification and visual appeal

  • Import and export content from external drives e.g USB

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