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EasyReader 7.02 comes with some new features and some fixes to previous issues.

What's New?

  • NEW: We've included a new Polish library - DZDN.
  • NEW: It's now easier to open DAISY 2 or 3 books. EasyReader now lists only the specific files needed to open the book
  • NEW: Library login credentials are now immediately saved on successful login. 

What's been fixed?

  • FIX: When installing the US version of EasyReader (on a Windows machine with US regional settings), the default language in EasyReader settings was incorrectly set to “UK English”. This has now been corrected to default to “US English”.
  • FIX: All MP3 tracks in a MP3/M3U audio book now show the correct length, rather than zero as had been happening previously.
  • FIX: An issue with book bundles downloading but not importing into EasyReader has now been resolved.   
  • FIX: There was a spelling error in the "context menu" which has now been changed from “Spell selected work” to “Spell selected word”.

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