All new web access

Accurate screen reading and easy navigation.  Includes link announcement, status bar reading, graphics labels and more.  New hotkeys include: Jump to next frame, Jump to previous frame, Jump to next control, Jump to next text (skip links), Move focus to first edit area.

One product, all platforms

One product works on Windows 95, 98, Me, NT 4.0, 2000 and the new Windows XP.  All version 5 software is now network ready and supports roaming profiles for true network-wide independence on any of the supported operating systems.

Internet Updater

Update your Dolphin software at the click of a button.  No need for registration numbers, form filling or passwords.

Powerful screen reading

Application support for Adobe Acrobat Reader v5, Winamp and more!  New screen reading features include tree views, button status, selected text and items, combined character & word echo for new typists and children, system tray access.   There are also new hotkeys for MS Word, including: Announce paragraph alignment, Announce type of bullet list, Move focus to style box, Read current or previous word, Read sentence, Read paragraph.  New hotkeys for MS Excel include: Read formula bar, Jump to formula bar, Jump to name box.

Virtual focus

All new interactive Virtual Focus replaces Navigation mode.  Access the system tray, read through web pages, PDF files and all kinds of keyboard inaccessible dialogs as easily as cursoring through a document.  With the new virtual focus, you can easily replicate all kinds of mouse features, including Mouse Wheel scrolling!
On the Internet, Virtual Focus is automatic, so that you don’t need to remember which cursor to use.  When moving through a form, VF will switch automatically to Live Mode in edit areas, so form filling is simple and automatic.  When cursoring down a web page or help file, the page will scroll automatically with magnification, speech and Braille tracking together accurately.

New Document read

With the new document read you can start and stop reading accurately in any area, including web pages, dialogs, menus, and help files.  Use Document Read with magnification to highlight and magnify each word as spoken, stop and edit, then continue reading.

Screen reading intelligence

Dolphin now has the most intelligent screen reader!  Supernova has information about more screen objects than any other screen reader, making it accurate and powerful in all kinds of applications.  Now includes fully active MSAA, and multiple foci tracking.

Redesigned hot key system

Do you find it difficult to remember hundreds of hotkeys as well as your Windows keys?  Dolphin’s v5 hotkey set has been designed to make it even more easy to remember, freeing up more keys for new features.  We have also included special hotkeys to enhance performance with popular applications such as Internet Explorer, Word and Excel.  If you have a suggestion for a new hotkey, let us know!

New Braille window

Supernova and Hal now include a visible Braille window to show sighted teachers and trainers what is on the Braille display.  Information is shown in both Braille dots and text.

Braille input and navigation

New Braille features include the ability to type directly from your notetaker, configuration options for single and double cursor routing buttons, and the ability to perform keyboard functions from your Braille display.  Don’t forget all new hotkeys can also be mapped to your Braille keys!

Online html help

Easy to use help.  Use it step by step to learn your Dolphin software, or dip in using the powerful search facility.  Includes pop-up F1 help messages (in speech, Braille and on-screen) for Control Panel features.

Audio manuals & tutorials

Full manual supplied in print and on audio CD.  Includes interactive audio tutorials on using your Dolphin software and on popular topics like Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Windows Explorer, and more.

New look packaging

Our stylish new presentation box includes full manuals in print and on CD, audio tutorials and hot key guides in print and Braille.  It also includes a complimentary Dolphin CD carry case.

More choice of speech & Braille

Dolphin now supports even more Braille displays and speech synthesisers from all over the world.  Supernova, Hal and LunarPlus now come supplied with a choice of 2 software synthesisers - Dolphin Orpheus or Microsoft MSAPI speech.  As always, you can swap synthesisers on the fly with a simple hotkey and select a new Braille display from a list box.

More to come…

Dolphin’s new map file system allows us to respond quickly to new software developments and suggestions.  Maps for new applications can be delivered quickly and automatically using the new Internet Updater.

Training Mode (Professional edition only)

Teach complex and inaccessible applications to talk without the need for a programming or scripting    language.  Powerful, flexible and easy to use.  Train one object, and similar objects are recognised automatically.  Map a new application just once: it will work in any colour scheme, any screen resolution, any colour depth, and even with different skins!

Map Files (Professional edition only)

Map files allow you to improve and customise screen access to your applications.  Maps created in Supernova can be used in Hal, LunarPlus and Lunar and shared with other users.

Action Editor (Professional edition only)

Action editor allows you to set up application specific hotkeys to perform a series of actions from either the keyboard or your Braille display.  For example, use the Action Editor to perform a series of mouse clicks then read the results from the screen.  With action editor, you can work faster than mouse users, even on keyboard inaccessible applications!

Other v5 releases:

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