Dolphin List Utility

The List Utility allows you to bring up a list of hyperlinks, frames or HTML headings with a hot key and jump right to the item you want.  Use the List Utility to instantly review and navigate complex web pages or HTML help files. Sort the list in alphabetical or tab order and chose to right or left click, or route the virtual focus for instant access to the information of your choice.  The List Utility is a powerful replacement for the Links Navigator.

Verbosity controls

Choose how much speech feedback you want to hear by selecting minimum, low, medium or high verbosity. Alternatively create and save your own custom settings – choose whether and how an object is announced, select announcement before or after the focus, and create your own prompts. 


Speech and Braille support for tables on the Internet, HTML help and or other HTML applications now includes navigation by row or column, and position information. Multiple tables or nested tables are also detected. 

Tree View

Browse through tree view diagrams in applications such as Windows Explorer with greater ease. Supernova will tell you the current tree level in a tree view and the number of items in a list view.

Braille Options

Full control over Braille verbosity – choose how much information you want and how it is displayed.  Select minimum, low, medium or high verbosity or create and save your own custom settings
Choose the Braille hooks you want for each application and switch off those you don’t!

Console and Terminal Window Support

New support for console and terminal windows. Also includes improved support for instant messaging software such as MSN Messenger with ‘Read new text’ feature.

Monitor Markers

Choose the monitor markers you want for each application and switch off those you don't!

Line View

Start Line View in live or virtual focus.  Exit line view anywhere and jump instantly to the same position in your original document. Makes reviewing and editing long documents much easier! 

Training mode: Highlight similar objects (Professional edition only)

'Highlight similar objects' checkbox now includes: objects with the same target, virtual objects using the same Situation rule, and similar untrained objects which use the same Detection Atlas.

List utility operations (Professional edition only)

Build your own list of objects or areas then use the new list utility to click or route the virtual focus to the item of your choice.

'If' operation (Professional edition only)

New 'if' parameters include: Test the visited state of an object and test if a monitor marker is in the current window.

New text filter (Professional edition only)

Create a text filter for newly written text on the screen – useful for instant messaging applications.

Text size (Professional edition only)

Specify the size of an area to move to in the 'Move VF To Area' operation in lines or characters – useful for jumping to a body of text a web page.

Add Help prompts (Professional edition only)

Add your own control specific help or training prompt for an area in the Target dialog.

Embedded Actions (Professional edition only)

New operation to run one action inside another. Any temporary parameter changes within the embedded action last only for the duration of that action. The overall action will continue with it's own parameters.

Right to Left (Professional edition only)

The context "RTL System" has been added (for testing in the Target dialog).  This context is set when the current system language is Arabic or Hebrew.
The Floating focus rule now has a “Right to Left” (RTL) option to enable detection when they are flipped horizontally.

Find in Virtual Focus (Professional edition only)

A new searching scope 'Inside the current VF', for the ‘Move VF To Marker’ and ‘Move VF To Area’ operations is now included.

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