This update is free for all existing SuperNova 13 customers and includes fixes and improvements to boost productivity:

  • Windows 8.1 performance. SuperNova should run faster on Microsoft's latest operating system, freeing resources for your other applications.
  • Magnification stability. Smoothly enlarges text and images for longer and works in more places.
  • Speech and Braille read more reliably in: Internet Explorer 11 and Office 2013. SuperNova better recognises spaces between words on web pages and automatically switches on the Dolphin Cursor to read protected documents with ease.

Windows 8.1 Performance

  • FIX: Process optimisations freeing system resources for your other applications.
  • FIX: Prevent loss of magnification / black screen on start-up. Magnification should start much more reliably.
  • FIX: Prevent crash after screen mode change. SuperNova will keep magnifying when display settings change.
  • FIX: Handle failure of graphics driver.

Magnification Stability

  • FIX: Truefonts. Colour mouse cursors now drawn as expected on Windows 7 even if TrueFonts off, enlarged pointer is off and the pointer contains inverted pixels.
  • FIX: Truefonts. Screen no longer appears corrupt when you move the mouse over mixed symbols and text in some situations.
  • FIX: Truefonts. Certain symbol characters were being drawn in the wrong colour.

Speech and Braille Reliability

  • FIX: Internet Explorer 11 - solved a problem where some spaces could be lost and words could become concatenated.
  • FIX: Internet Explorer 11 - Multi-line text areas now speak and Braille as expected.
  • FIX: Internet Explorer - Onclick announcements suppressed for clickable objects, such as link, button, checkbox, etc. to prevent you being told twice that you can click on controls.
  • FIX: Internet Explorer - Now reads content of

    tags as expected.

  • FIX: Internet Explorer - Outlook web app edit areas work as expected.
  • FIX: Internet Explorer - prevent confusing control characters appearing unexpectedly in Braille.
  • FIX: Internet Explorer - prevent Page info from being re-announced when hitting some with 'onclick' objects.
  • FIX: Word - Cut and paste announcement should now be more reliable.
  • NEW: Word - Automatically enables Dolphin Cursor to read protected documents.
  • FIX: Excel - 'space deleted' now announced in edit areas as expected.
  • FIX: Exiting Dolphin Cursor F3 find now speaks / Brailles the focus automatically to remind you about your place.
  • FIX: Spinnable list controls no longer announce the values twice.
  • FIX: Mouse wheel scrolling the document updates the cursor location when the cursor is on screen.
  • FIX: Speech at logon - Reinstated the Orpheus 2 language list for Windows XP.


  • FIX: Solved a problem where some applications could crash when closing SuperNova.

Known issues

  • Multiple monitors can be used in Windows 8 with a dual head video card. Configurations with monitors on multiple video cards are only supported by SuperNova in Windows 7.
  • Line view is only supported on Windows 7.
  • Internet Explorer 11 combo box items not announced fully in Forms Mode unless the list is first expanded with ALT+DOWN ARROW.
  • Signing in to some Scandinavian banks relying on Java not supported. Issue continues to be investigated.

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