SuperNova 13.55 is a free update available to all existing SuperNova 13 customers, and includes:

  • True Fonts now make magnified text clearer to read in Microsoft Office 2013 and Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7.
  • Improved stability in Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013.
  • Fix to prevent mouse pointer from disappearing.
  • Automatically announce Skype incoming call notifications.
  • Change to improve screen reading performance in Chicken Nugget (accessible Twitter app).
  • Added settings to Reader Magnifier to control Dolphin Cursor behaviour

Fixes and changes in the SuperNova 13.55 update are listed below.

True Fonts

  • Magnified text is now clearer making documents easier to read in Microsoft Office 2013 and in Internet Explorer 11 running on Windows 7.
  • Outlook 2013 Calendar now works with True Fonts.
  • Improved font smoothing on
  • GDI text in Windows 8 now displays as expected.
  • Direct 2d text now displays accurately at all magnification levels.
  • Arabic glyphs now displayed in the correct position.

Tip: True Fonts make text appear perfectly smooth for reading on the largest displays and at high magnification levels. Cycle through the available font smoothing options with LEFT CONTROL+NUMPAD8.

Microsoft Office 2013/2010

  • Word - Moving the mouse pointer over headings no longer results in a crash under some circumstances.
  • Word - Documents saved to network locations can still be read using speech and Braille.
  • Word - Print options now speak and Braille accurately in Windows 8.
  • Outlook - New hooking system for improve stability when reading and composing messages with speech and Braille in Outlook2013
  • Outlook - Cursor through bulleted items now speaks characters as expected.
  • Outlook - Cursor up and down to move the Dolphin Cursor to read messages by line in speech and Braille now more reliable in Windows 8.
  • Outlook - Spell Checker title and errors no longer repeated by speech when using Outlook 2013 on Windows 7.

Mouse Pointers:

  • Mouse pointer no longer disappears when magnification is turned off, then back on in Windows 7.

Tip: You can customize the style and size of your mouse pointer independent of your magnification level from the SuperNova Control Panel Visual menu.

Other Apps

  • Internet Explorer 11 - List items on web pages are no longer truncated.
  • Internet Explorer 8 - Searching with Google no longer causes the system to become unresponsive.
  • Skype - SuperNova now announces Skype incoming call notifications.
  • Windows live Mail - Spelling Errors no longer prevent Supernova from speaking the entire line while composing email. Make sure you’ve got the latest maps with “check for updates” in the SuperNova Help menu
  • Twitter - The Chicken Nugget accessible twitter client from is now associated with the NoMSAA Map by default improving overall performance when working with timelines and tweets.
  • Xen app - V11 now associated with the appropriate Map improving speech and Braille output.

SuperNova Changes

  • SuperNova Reader Magnifier Control Panel now includes an Options dialog from the Speech menu to control the Dolphin Cursor for people who do not intend using the keyboard to read: web pages, PDFs and Windows Help.
  • Fix to prevent the Supernova splash screen from occasionally appearing as a black square.

Known Issues

  • Multiple monitors can be used in Windows 8 with a dual head video card. Configurations with monitors on multiple video cards are only supported in Windows 7.
  • Line view is only supported on Windows 7.
  • True Fonts on Windows 8 is coming soon in Internet Explorer 11 and Office 2013. Classic font smoothing used in meantime.
  • Internet Explorer 11 combo box items not announced in Forms Mode unless the list is first expanded with ALT+DOWN ARROW.
  • Signing in to some Scandinavian banks relying on Java not supported. Issue continues to be investigated.


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