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The update to Dolphin ScreenReader 22.02 includes a range of fixes and improvements. This includes: 

  • FIX: Microsoft Office. Stability improvements have been made to ensure Office 365 applications open as expected when ScreenReader is running. 
  • NEW: Microsoft Outlook 365. The additional focus information key (LEFT SHIFT + NUMPAD 0) can now be used to announce whether contacts in the To, Cc and BCc fields in an Outlook message are signed in to Microsoft Teams. 
  • FIX: Microsoft Outlook 365. Fix to prevent ScreenReader from closing unexpectedly after opening certain emails from Microsoft Outlook 365. 
  • FIX: Microsoft Teams. The system tray item for Microsoft Teams is now detected by ScreenReader as expected. 
  • FIX: Microsoft Teams. If a ScreenReader dialog box is open with Microsoft Teams in the background, the speech now announces the dialog box as expected (and does not announce items from Microsoft Teams). 
  • FIX: Microsoft Word. Fix to prevent ScreenReader from closing unexpectedly when scrolling the mouse wheel in a document in Word 2013. 
  • FIX: Open with SuperNova. The option to open a PDF with ScreenReader is now removed from the Windows context menu when ScreenReader is uninstalled. 
  • FIX: Read From Here. The text highlighting is now working correctly when using the Read From Here feature in WordPad. 
  • FIX: Sound Splitting. If sound splitting is enabled when speech is turned OFF, the speech is now sent to both channels until the speech is turned ON again. 
  • FIX: ScreenReader Profiles. Fix to prevent ScreenReader from temporarily freezing after changing between profiles. 
  • FIX: Windows 10 Command prompt. ScreenReader now correctly detects the command prompt window when the new Windows 11 command prompt is being used on a Windows 10 device. 
  • FIX: Windows Logon. Fix to ensure that areas non-password areas of the Windows login screen in Windows 10 and 11 are announced through speech and Braille. 
  • FIX: Wordpad. Buttons and controls in the Wordpad ribbon are now announced correctly by the speech. 

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