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The update to Dolphin ScreenReader 22.04 includes a range of improvements, including essential fixes to ensure ScreenReader remains compatible with the latest updates to Microsoft 365. The improvements available in the 22.04 update are:

  • FIX: Doc Reader. Fix to prevent the device going into sleep mode whilst text is being read in the Doc Reader.
  • FIX: Doc Reader. A range of fixes have been applied for appending pages to scanned text in the Doc Reader. This includes fixes to:
    • Ensure additional pages are appended correctly when using a scanner . 
    • Remove the option to append pages using a scanner if a scanner is not connected to the device.
  • NEW: Getting Started. A new welcome screen is now displayed when ScreenReader is launched. This screen lists the important hotkeys for using ScreenReader on a desktop or on a laptop. The welcome screen opens in the Dolphin Help, so users can also learn ScreenReader by searching the user manual, the hotkey list and the help for using ScreenReader with a popular application.
  • NEW: Map files provided by Adaptech. This improves the experience of using Dolphin ScreenReader with a host of different applications, including Aver TV, Balabolka, Beyond Compare, CDBurnerXP, foobar2000, InfraRecorder, Lingea, Lexicon 5, Millennium, Miranda IM/NG, PotPlayer, PSPad, Qt Application, QTranslate, Sharp Develop, SpeQ Mathematics, Spotify, Swift To-Do List, The KMPlayer, Total Commander and Verdict 2006.
  • FIX: Microsoft 365. A recent update by Microsoft was resulting in the latest versions of Microsoft 365 Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint failing to open when ScreenReader 22 was running. A fix for this issue is now available to ensure the ScreenReader speech works correctly in the latest version of Microsoft 365 apps. 
  • FIX: Mozilla Firefox. A recent update to Mozilla Firefox was preventing people using ScreenReader from navigating web pages using the keyboard. This issue is now resolved, ensuring that web pages in Firefox can be navigated and are announced as expected. 
  • FIX: New Microsoft Teams Preview. A range of improvements have been made to improve the experience of using ScreenReader with the preview version of the new Microsoft Teams. This includes improvements for using the chat, the calendar, sharing files, sharing the screen during video calls and more. 
  • FIX: Place Markers. Improvements have been made for detecting domain Place Markers to items that appears on multiple or all pages of a website (e.g. a search field that appears on all pages). The improvements mean the place marker is more likely to be detected on different web pages when pressing the quick navigation key ‘A’ to navigate to it. 
  • FIX: Read From Here. Fix to prevent ScreenReader from closing unexpectedly when exiting Read From Here on a web page when multiple tabs are open in the browser.
  • FIX: Scan and Read. The option to scan text from a PDF and export it to Microsoft Word now works correctly where the original PDF has a low image quality. 
  • FIX: Scan and Read. Fix for using the Scan and Read feature to scan multiple pages. If an error occurs on scanning a particular page, that page is now skipped so the rest of the pages can be scanned. 
  • FIX: Websites. Fix for using ScreenReader on certain websites to ensure checkboxes are announced by the speech as expected.
  • FIX: Windows Control Panel. The Default Programs list in the Windows Control Panel is now correctly announced by the speech.  
  • FIX: Windows Mail. Fix to ensure that the focus can reach any attachments that have been added to a received message. This issue was only present when using the Dutch version of Windows Mail. 

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