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The quickest way to make the curriculum accessible to all students

Create braille, large print and audio for students with visual and reading impairments

We know that teaching professionals are working flat out to provide the best possible education for all their students. So finding the time to make accessible formats for students with reading difficulties or visual impairments might seem impossible.

With EasyConverter we've made it super simple to make accessible Word, braille, large print & audio learning materials on demand and stress free.  Ensure all your students are actively learning and engaged with full access to the curriculum.

Download EasyConverter free for 30-days and make accessible Word, braille, large print and audio for your students.


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  • Ideal for teachers, lecturers & pastoral staff - No expertise required
  • One simple tool for all your teaching professionals
  • Create large print, MP3, DAISY, audio and Braille formats
  • Or make Word documents that are fully accessible
  • Just 3 simple steps to convert existing documents
  • Input documents in Word, PDF, text, HTML and many other file formats
  • Or scan your paper based learning resources - OCR is included


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Multiple Formats from One Tool

Support your education professionals to easily create the full range of alternative and accessible formats:

  • Be responsive to the reading needs of all your students
  • Make one format, or make them all
  • Meet your legal and social obligations for inclusion and accessibility

Case Studies

"It’s made my life a lot easier. Someone can email something at the very last minute and with a very minimum of editing, I can get good braille that I can then pass onto students. And that’s made a difference to them, because they’re getting braille faster; they’re getting more of it and that means that they have more equal access to the curriculum."

Matthew Horspool. V.I. Resource Technician, Exhall Grange school


"Trials have indeed shown that it [EasyConverter] is a very easy tool to use."

EA Draffan, University Of Southampton and www.Emptech.info

"We have ordered EasyConverter … Great program! I love it!"

Lee Peevy, Merritt College, USA

"The ability to convert documents swiftly and accurately into a range of alternative formats opens up a whole range of new possibilities for meeting needs on an individual basis."

Rory Cobb, Curriculum Access Development Officer, RNIB