SuperNova Connect & Learn. Magnify the Whiteboard.


With the Connect & Learn  accessible tablet package, low vision students can wirelessly connect to the interactive whiteboard and ‘see’ and magnify the whiteboard. And because we know IT support isn’t always readily available in school, we've made the set-up process really simple with our SuperNova Whiteboard Wizard.

No doubt you've got questions! Panic not. We’ve demystified the Whiteboard wizard and Connect & Learn in our series of FAQs:


Q. Do I need Connect & Learn AND the whiteboard wizard?

A: Yes. Connect & Learn the name we give to our compact kit, designed for partially sighted students, which includes SuperNova and replaces the need for laptop, tablet, magnifier & scanner. It also gives students the simplest access to ‘see’ and magnify the whiteboard. The whiteboard wizard is used on the teachers’ laptops. It is a free download that makes screen sharing with their partially sighted students effortless.

Q: What does the whiteboard wizard do?

A: The Whiteboard Wizard makes screen sharing simple. Importantly, it also makes withdrawing that access just as simple; so teachers can be confident that students don't see anything that they shouldn't! In technical terms it helps you to install a Virtual Network Computing (VNC) tool and takes care of security by helping you to set a “view-only” password to give to your students.

Q: Does Connect & Learn do more than let partially sighted students see the whiteboard?

A: Oh yes! Connect & Learn is a full Windows 10 laptop that students can also use as a video magnifier. Unclip the keyboard and it’s a tablet. You can even download books from accessible textbook libraries such as RNIB Bookshare Education Collection.

Q: Where do I get the whiteboard wizard from?

A: The whiteboard wizard is a free download from:

Q: Can my other low vision students that don’t have a Connect & Learn device benefit?

A: Any student using any edition of SuperNova can benefit. It is the Connect & View feature in SuperNova and in the Connect & Learn package that enable students to view & magnify the whiteboard. Teachers that adopt the whiteboard wizard are simplifying the process of giving access to those students.

Q: I’ve read about Connect & Learn and Connect & View – what’s the difference?

A: Connect & Learn is the hardware package that centres on the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet and includes a stand, wireless keyboard and mouse. Connect & Learn is a complete set-up for a low vision student in education.

Connect & View is a feature in SuperNova software and also in Connect & Learn that can do 2 things: 1. View and magnify the whiteboard. 2. Magnify paper documents or objects placed under the camera. Learn more about Connect & View in our short video.

When a student using Connect & Learn views the whiteboard, they are using the Connect & View feature.

Practical Questions

Q:  What types of Whiteboard can Connect & Learn ‘see’?

A:  All or any. Technically the student is using VNC to ‘see’ the teachers’ presentation on their computer. That same computer happens also to be sharing the image of the presentation with the interactive whiteboard, smartboard or large wall mounted screen. So in reality there doesn’t even need to be a whiteboard, the teacher or presenter might only have their own screen. 

Q:  Do the low vision students need a distance viewing camera?
A:  No. Using Connect & Learn students can view the whiteboard without using the camera. In effect they are using the school’s wifi to see the whiteboard – all simply delivered by the Whiteboard wizard! Connect & Learn has a built in camera, but this is only used for magnifying documents and objects when it is placed on the stand.

Q: Do students need to sit near the whiteboard?

A: No. Students can sit anywhere in class. There is no need to have a clear line of sight with the board. The view of the whiteboard is delivered via the wifi. It also has the added benefit that the teacher can never ‘get in the way’ of the students’ view – a common problem where a camera is used.

What the Students 'Sees'

Q: My student is very low vision will they be able to magnify the whiteboard?

A: Yes. This is why Connect & Learn is so unique and so popular. Designed specifically for low vision students, they can:

  • Magnify the whiteboard zooming in up to 64 times.
  • Turn on a colour scheme to improve contrast. There are 6 to choose from.
  • Split the screen to see both the whiteboard and their work.

Q:  What will the student see on their screen when viewing the whiteboard?
A:  The Connect & View feature creates a viewer – a portion of the screen that displays the contents of the Interactive whiteboard. The student can adjust the viewer to be top, bottom, left or right side of the screen and the viewer can be set to fill 80%, 50% or 20% of their screen. In the ‘other’ portion of the screen is the student’s standard desktop, complete with SuperNova magnification with their preferred settings.   

Q: What happens when the teacher changes to the next slide in the presentation?

A: No problem. The view of the whiteboard is live and changes as the teacher changes the view for the whole class. If the student needs to hold or pause their magnified view and stop it changing, that’s possible too. Students can lock the view with just one button. Unlocking the view is just as quick. Students can also take screenshots of the whiteboard at any point – perhaps for more in depth inspection at a later date or to refer back to when completing homework.

Q:  Can the student be working and viewing the whiteboard at the same time?
A:  Yes. Students can view the whiteboard AND be working on a document, researching online or any other task. Just like the rest of the class, partially sighted students need to be able to multitask.

Q: How can my student see the whiteboard and work?

A: Students can switch (Alt-Tab) between the whiteboard image and their standard work magnified by SuperNova. Alternatively they can split their screen to display the interactive whiteboard and their word document for example.

Q: What if the 2 things they’re viewing require different adjustments to see clearly?

A: No problem. When the student splits their view, they can apply different levels of magnification and colours to each. For example, they might zoom in to see the detail of the teacher’s presentation but keep the original colours. Whilst on their Word document they might only need a small amount of magnification but prefer to invert the screens colours. Both applications and their unique views are on screen simultaneously for no compromise curriculum access.  

Q:  Can the student take snapshots or screen grabs of the teachers’ whiteboard?
A:  Yes, the snapshot button is conveniently located on the toolbar. Students can click this button and capture the unmagnified image displayed on the whiteboard. These images can then be saved, pasted into a document or explored at a later date.

Q:  So can the student Scan & Read (OCR) the whiteboard with Connect & View?
A:  Yes. Scan & Read can extract printed text (not handwriting) from an image. Accuracy of the scan depends on quality of the image. 

Q:  Can my student watch a video I am playing on the whiteboard?
A:  In theory yes, but would we recommend it?  No. It is likely to be very jumpy and therefore frustrating for the student. We would recommend sharing the video link directly with the student.

Q:  How easy is it for the student to control their view of the whiteboard?
A:  It’s simple! Using the simple toolbar students can tap on the buttons to zoom in, zoom out, rotate the image, capture image or scan text buttons. And all the options are self-explanatory. There are also a couple of quick hotkeys that enable the student to jump between the desktop, the camera and the whiteboard.

The Teachers’ Role

Q: What does the teacher need to do when the class starts?

A: The teacher launch the whiteboard connection by double-clicking the green icon located on their desktop. Simply select how long they want to share screen access for. (When they close their presentation or after 15, 30 or 45 minutes) Then just share password with the low vision student.

Q: What happens at the end of the class when the low vision student leaves?

A: Clicking the red whiteboard wizard icon on the desktop immediately closes the connection. Alternatively the connection will close automatically when the teacher has set it to.

Q: We have lots of teachers with lots of laptops & lots of classrooms. How does the child know which machine to connect to?

A: Each whiteboard that the pupil needs to see is either associated with a teacher’s laptop or a classroom’s specific computer. When installing the whiteboard wizard to these machines, we recommend naming the machine with either the teacher’s name (if it travels with them) or the classroom’s name (if it remains with the whiteboard). This way the student can enter their class and select the connection associated with the teacher or the classroom. In our experience the students catch on quickly and are invariably one step ahead of the teachers.

Security & Safety

Q:  Can my student interfere or change things on my computer?
A:  No. The connect & view feature in Connect & Learn delivers information in one direction. Students can’t make any changes to teachers’ computers. Our FREE SuperNova Whiteboard Wizard helps you to install a Virtual Network Computing (VNC) tool and takes care of security by helping you to set a “view-only” password to give your students. A secure password should be set for full control. To request a link to our installation guide please register your interest here. Both the installation guide and the SuperNova Whiteboard Wizard are FREE to download and use as needed by anyone giving a presentation or lesson to a student using Connect & Learn or SuperNova.

Q:  What happens after the lesson?  Can the student still see my computer?
A:  The SuperNova Whiteboard Wizard installs an icon on your desktop which will open and close viewing access to the presenter screen with just one click. Be sure to click “close” when you have finished the lesson or presentation.

Q:  Can I control which students have sight of a teacher’s whiteboard?
A:  Yes. Connect & View comes with password control. The password can also be changed at any time.

Q:  Do I have to have wifi?
A:  No, the student’s computer could be connected to the school network using a network cable.

Q:  Do I need a wifi access point in each classroom?
A:  No, as long as the student can get a good wifi signal from the school network, you shouldn’t need an access point in each classroom.

Techie Stuff

Q:  My IT team are going to have questions. Can you help me answer them?
A:  Yes. Although VNC is a very standard technology that is already in use in many schools, we know that there will be technical questions that your IT teams are going to want to ask. We therefore recommend booking a Connect & View support appointment with Dolphin’s support team via the Dolphin website. The SuperNova Whiteboard Wizard is designed to simplify the VNC installation process to make it easy for anyone to use. To request a link to our installation guide please register your interest hereBoth the installation guide and the SuperNova Whiteboard Wizard are FREE to download and use as needed by anyone giving a presentation or lesson to a student using Connect & Learn or SuperNova.

Q:  What does VNC mean and do?
A:  Connecting to a whiteboard uses virtual network computing (VNC). VNC is a type of software that makes it possible to view another computer over a network connection. There are a number of free and low cost VNC software programs available. These include tight VNC, Ultra VNC and Real VNC. The VNC software must be installed and running on the presenter's computer for Connect & Learn to make a connection. The SuperNova Whiteboard Wizard does this task for you. The VNC software does not need to be installed onto Connect & Learn.  

Q:  Can my student Connect & View with their Apple iphone?
A:  No. Connect & View is a SuperNova feature. SuperNova is compatible with Windows tablets, laptops and PCs.

Q:  Can the teacher be using an Apple device?
A:  Yes. MACs include a VNC function called Screen Sharing that is compatible with students using Connect & View on their Windows device.

NB: The Scan & Read (OCR) feature is not included in SuperNova Magnifier.

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