Guide 9.02 includes language releases for US, Swedish and French versions of Guide, along with important fixes for Guide's voice speed and punctuation, and the BBC Listen Again service.

Guide Voices

FIX: Voice speed levels are now the same as previous versions of Guide.
FIX: Guide now speaks less punctuation when reading. Guide will no longer announce punctuation such as quotation marks, dashes, commas etc.
FIX: If Guide's default voice fails to load, Guide will now load an alternative voice
FIX: SAPI voices on your computer are now supported by Guide

BBC Listen Again

FIX: Listen Again - BBC Listen Again service now works correctly with Guide.


FIX: Text is now easier to read as Guide now removes styles and formatting from text before opening a book.
FIX: At high magnification levels, improvements have been made to highlighted text overlapping
FIX: You can now navigate up past a heading in NFB Newsline using up arrow key.

Web Browser

FIX: Guide no longer crashes after adding to a website to favourites.

Menu changes

FIX: Lists now use the correct background colour when Guide's theme is on
FIX: Custom menu compatibility for Bookshelf added
FIX: Closing RSS from a custom menu no longer returns you to the main menu.
REMOVED: TNAUK menu item removed from custom menu list

Dolphin Keyboard

FIX: 'Hare' and 'Tortoise' buttons on the Dolphin keyboard now decrease and increase the voice speed as expected.

Language releases

Guide 9.02 is now available in UK English, US English, Swedish and French

Other v9 releases:

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