Dolphin Guide 9.03 is packed with fixes and improvements for reading web pages and PDF documents, as well as a new option to protect friends email address details when sending emails with BCC.

New features in Guide 9.03

  • BCC your emails: Send an email with a CC and a BCC. After you have written your email, Guide provides the option to add a CC and BCC before sending it. Sending emails using BCC is ideal if you would like to send an email to lots of people, but you don’t want everyone to know everyone else’s email address.
  • Read web pages in greater detail: You can now read the next letter or the next word on web pages. Use the right arrow key to read the next letter on a web page. Hold down control and press the right arrow key to read the next word.
  • Read PDF documents easily: Guide 9.03 now reads PDF documents using the web browser. After selecting your PDF, Guide automatically opens the web browser ready for you to start reading. Read line by line using the up and down arrow keys or word by word using control + right / left arrow.  You can even read letter by letter using right / left arrow.  To close your PDF document, press escape to open the address box and type the word “close”. For more PDF options, press escape to open the address box and type the word “options”.
  • Print multiple envelopes: You can now print multiple addresses from your address book either as a list or onto multiple envelopes. To print multiple addresses, select contacts from your address book using the spacebar, then press enter to select whether you would like to print your selected contact’s details as a list, or to print their addresses onto envelopes.


FIX: Emails now read in full with Guide 9.03. Guide’s voice no longer stops reading emails after a few lines have been read.


FIX: People in the UK can now use the Guide web browser to watch catch-up TV on the BBC iPlayer.
FIX: Guide no longer says “blank” when there are gaps between lines of text on a web page.
FIX: When you are using a text box in the web browser, you sometimes need to press spacebar before you can type your text. Guide now only tells you to press spacebar to enter text when you need to.
CHANGE: To pan magnified web pages, Guide now uses the key press CTRL+SHIFT+arrow key

CD burning

FIX: Reliably burning CDs and DVDs.


FIX: Guide’s letters and documents menu no longer includes two different options to print.
FIX: The default page size for letters and documents in the US version of Guide has been set to 8 ½ by 11.


FIX: Guide now announces the names and language of each voice correctly.
FIX: All of Guide’s voices now use the same speed options.
FIX: The system settings warning message is now spoken correctly by Guide.

Reading books

FIX: When reading a book, Guide now displays as much of the text which is being read as possible when a high magnification level is being used.
FIX: You can now change the voice volume while reading a book in Guide.
FIX: You can now check the date and time by pressing F10 while reading a book in Guide.
FIX: If you are reading a book on a touch screen, you can now use the up and down buttons on Guide’s touch bar to move to the next and previous sentence.
FIX: If you are reading a book on a touch screen, you can now use the ‘escape’ gesture to get a list of options.

Instant Messaging

REMOVED: The instant messaging feature has been removed from Guide 9.03. This is because the facility used for instant messaging in Guide is no longer supported by Microsoft.

Language releases

Guide 9.03 is to be available in the following language versions: Australian, Belgian, Canadian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Swiss, Spanish, Swedish, UK English and US English.

Known issues

Dolphin is aware of problems listening to certain BBC Listen Again programs with Guide. This is due to recent changes to the way programs are shared from the BBC. We appreciate how much BBC Listen Again is valued by Guide customers. Dolphin's developers are working on a solution to this problem. We hope to make Listen Again available in Guide as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Other v9 releases:

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