Dolphin Technical Support - What we Support


Dolphin provides technical support for customers who purchased their Dolphin product directly from Dolphin in the UK, USA or Sweden. Customers who purchased from a Dolphin dealer should contact their dealer for support.

Dolphin Products we Support

  • EasyConverter
  • EasyConverter Express
  • EasyReader for Windows, iOS and Android (via email only)
  • GuideConnect
  • GuideReader
  • Publisher
  • ScreenReader
  • SuperNova

GuideConnect/GuideReader Support

When you purchase GuideConnect it includes a 12 month Premium Plan. This entitles you to:

  • Exclusive access to premium features including Video Calling

  • Regular updates containing new features and improvements

  • Top priority status with Dolphin’s dedicated Support team

Read more about Premium Plans for GuideConnect.

Technical support for GuideConnect/GuideReader does not extend to the following - please contact the appropriate vendor or service provider about:

  • Internet connection problems
  • General PC issues or issues with 3rd party applications
  • Routine PC maintenance such as Windows Updates
  • Creation and administration of third party accounts such as Gmail, Twitter or Facebook.*
  • Installation of 3rd party hardware including printers and scanners not purchased from Dolphin
  • Assistance in finding information online, for example podcast addresses, RSS feed addresses, etc.

*The GuideConnect web browser provides users with the capability of creating and administering such accounts independently.

Support for Publisher

Support requests specifically for Publisher should be made by emailing our dedicated Publisher support team.

Support for SuperNova in Citrix & RDS Environments

Dolphin can only offer product support for installations in Citrix & Remote Desktop Service environments where SuperNova Enterprise has been purchased from Dolphin. For help or information please call 01905 754 577.

Support for EasyReader 

Our EasyReader Windows, iOS and Android applications are distributed for free. To help you successfully use our apps, please refer to our Online Help pages and Frequently Asked Questions for answers to any queries you might have.

Technical support for EasyReader is limited to critical problems experienced with the latest versions only. Support for critical issues is only available in English, via email only.

If your issue is related to a book or newspaper we will share this feedback with the library provider.

NB: If you are taking part in the EasyReader Premium trial please contact [email protected] with any queries. 

Malware & Viruses

For assistance with the removal of malware and viruses your PC would have to be returned to Dolphin. This is discretionary and chargeable service.

Support for 3rd Party Products

Dolphin resells a number of items of third party hardware including Dell, Lenovo, HP desktop computers and laptops, and Index Embossers:

Computers - Hardware

Computers sold by Dolphin will come with the manufacturer's warranty. This warranty covers faults with the computer hardware during the period of the warranty. If you experience a hardware issue with your computer during the period of warranty, please contact Dolphin Technical support on 01905 754765 to discuss a possible return to base repair under warranty. For computers that are no longer under warranty, we would recommend contacting the manufacturer directly to discuss the repair options available to you.

Computers - Other Software

The computers sold by Dolphin may come with a collection of preinstalled 3rd party software. Dolphin does not provide support for these products and customers are advised to contact the vendors of such applications for technical support. Examples of 3rd party software include Windows Live Mail and Power DVD.

Computers - Operating System

Dolphin may be able to offer basic advice for issues with the Windows operating system on your PC, but we may need to refer you to speak with a Microsoft Technical Support Advisor. Generally we recommend speaking with the Microsoft Accessibility Team who, like Dolphin's support team, are trained in the use of assistive technology - they can be reached on 0800 026 0584. We would also advise customers to call this number if they are experiencing issues with any other Microsoft product, for example Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Word.

Printers and Scanners

Support for printers and scanners sold by Dolphin will be provided for the first 6 months of ownership, after which time Dolphin will refer customers to the hardware manufacturer for support.

Index Embossers

Please contact support for questions relating to your Index products that were purchased from Dolphin. If a hardware issue is identified, the repair under warranty will be undertaken by the UK Master Distributor.

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