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Magnification for low vision clients and employees

Choose the world's best screen magnifier for Windows and give your low vision service users crystal clear, magnified access to all your computers.

Enlarge and enhance everything on screen with high contrast colours, large mouse pointers and highlights that help users track their every move.

Advanced yet intuitive, SuperNova Magnifier is flexible for every task. In the office - choose multiple apps magnified across multiple monitors.  Split the laptop screen, half magnified to see the detail, half standard size to keep perspective. Detailed task - zoom in for total clarity. Add a document camera and SuperNova Magnifier users can even magnify and view documents on screen.

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With SuperNova Magnifier's crystal clear magnification all your students can:

  • Optimise the magnification to suit their sight and their task
  • Select a high contrast colour scheme
  • Select focus highlights and large mouse pointers that they can see
  • Magnify class handouts with a document camera
  • Magnify the interactive whiteboard


Grows with your Students' Sight and their Education Picture

Grows with your Students' Sight and their Education

If your students' sight fluctuates over the course of the day, or over time, SuperNova Magnifier can adapt with them. Students can:

  • Boost magnification on 'bad eye' days
  • Change the screen colours for low contrast apps
  • Zoom in to see the detail or when their eyes tire
  • Select a large mouse pointer so they never lose sight of the action

SuperNova USB

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Choose SuperNova USB for instant magnification on any computer or Windows tablet!

Students can plug their SuperNova USB into any free USB port and experience instant access to their favourite SuperNova features, complete with their exact SuperNova settings.

Ideal for moving around school or college and when studying at home; with the SuperNova USB there is no hassle or set-up required!


Connect & Learn

4 devices in 1 Picture

4 devices in 1

Connect & Learn has been designed for low vision students who need a portable video magnifier and a lightweight windows laptop. Unlike other popular sight loss solutions, there is no compromise. Connect & Learn is all these devices in one solution and delivers:

  • Digital video magnifier with scan and read
  • The world’s best magnification on a full Windows 10 laptop
  • 12.3” tablet with intuitive touchscreen magnification
  • Accessible book reader
  • A portable and lightweight device, with a collapsible stand and carry bag


"It has made a huge difference because I have been able to access a computer like everybody else and I’ve been able to read books like everyone else. It’s made a big difference because I can see everything now. "

Amy, Student at New College Worcester

"The Licenses we use are the home school agreement that Dolphin have been very supportive of, with us over the last few years, so a lot of the students, should they choose, will have exactly the same system at home, as they have at school. So the students have that consistency of approach, and I think the benefits of that are obvious."
John Rous-Milligan, Team Leader, Norfolk Council Sensory Support

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"Big learning curve today. Attempted my first power point presentation ever. Could not have done it without #SuperNova"