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Magnification and speech for Windows that grows with you and your sight

Ensure you're always productive, in touch and in control with SuperNova Magnifier & Speech. Browsing the web, emailing your contacts or reading your print letters is all effortless with your perfect combination of magnification, colours and speech.

If you have a bad eye day or your sight changes, SuperNova Magnifier & Speech grows and evolves with you: Boost magnification, announce punctuation, replace difficult colours, hear webpages or listen as you type. Choose the Magnifier & Screen Reader edition and be assured that SuperNova can grow with you and your sight.

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  • Create your perfect blend of magnification and speech to suit your unique sight requirements
  • Integrates a professional magnifier and human sounding speech in one simple, supported solution
  • The best touchscreen magnification and speech for Windows
  • Reads aloud characters and words as you type, boosting confidence, accuracy and productivity
  • Natural voices read and describe documents, emails and web pages
  • Scan and read (OCR) your paper documents or inaccessible PDFs


Grows with you and your sight Picture

Grows with you and your sight

If your sight fluctuates or you have 'bad eye' days, SuperNova Magnifier & Speech can adapt with you:

  • Choose your perfect combination of magnification and high contrast colours
  • Boost the magnification or zoom in for added clarity when you switch to tasks that require greater attention to detail
  • Turn on speech on long webpages that will tire your eyes

Book a Video Demonstration

SuperNova - book a video demonstrationConsidering SuperNova Magnifier & Speech for yourself? Or someone you support?

Why not book a guided tour complete with live video and Dolphin's Dave will answer as many questions as you have.

There's no charge and it's super simple. All you need is a phone, tablet or a computer - no IT skills required!


SuperNova USB

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Choose SuperNova USB for instant magnification on any computer or Windows tablet.

Simply plug the SuperNova USB into any free USB port and experience instant access to your favourite SuperNova features, complete with your exact SuperNova settings.

No hassle or set-up required!

SuperNova Large Print Keyboard

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  • High contrast, large print keys
  • 18 easy to locate, tactile 'Quick Buttons'
  • Fewer hotkeys to remember
  • Ideal for both novice and experienced keyboard users
  • Available in UK and US keyboard layouts


5 stars

"I was introduced to SuperNova by the RNIB. I remember the first time SuperNova was demonstrated to me; I couldn't believe it, I could read again. SuperNova saved my life. It gave me back my freedom."

Richard Bernard, Author & Retired Social Worker

Five stars

“I started using SuperNova 15 years ago. Since that time SuperNova became my faithful companion in the world of Windows-based computers and I saw a great growth of that product during that long period. As a computer trainer I've met many different users of SuperNova – folk musicians, bank officers, chefs, civil engineers, deaf-blind people, children and seniors. All of these users are the evidence that SuperNova’s versatility.  SuperNova brings these people new possibilities in both their professional and private lives.”

Jan Šnyrych

Five stars

"It’s extremely important, because it gives me a lifeline of contact. You can look normal, and people treat you as normal, and that’s what we want."

Susan Ray, Shop Manager at Oxfam