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Ultimate screen access for all stakeholders with a visual impairment

Magnifier, screen reader and braille for Windows computers

If your organisation needs to make its computers accessible to anyone with a visual impairment, then SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader is the proven solution chosen by 1000s of other employers, charities and government organisations from across the globe.

A single solution that can cater for every visual impairment, SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader delivers your clients’ perfect blend of colours, magnification, screen reading and braille.

Comply with disability legislation without risking your organisation’s reputation - Download a free 30 day trial of SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader.



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With SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader all of your clients, employees or service users can:

  • Create their perfect blend of magnifier, screen reader and braille
  • Use the best touchscreen magnification available for Windows
  • Hear characters, words and text style information as they type
  • Listen to natural voices read and describe documents, emails and web pages
  • Scan and read (OCR) paper documents or inaccessible PDFs
  • Magnify print documents with a simple document camera
  • Choose from a wide range of supported braille displays


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Ultimate access for every visual impairment

With sight loss, one size does not fit all. Clients, service users or employees with visual impairments can all access your organisation's Windows computers with SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader. 

Whether you're providing support for regular users or visitors to your organisation, SuperNova's ultimate access empowers people with mild sight loss, through to total blindness.

Book a Video Demonstration

SuperNova - book a video demonstrationConsidering SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader for your low vision clients or employees?

Why not book a guided tour complete with live video and Dolphin's Dave will answer as many questions as you have.

There's no charge and it's super simple. All you need is a phone, tablet or a computer - no IT skills required!


SuperNova Large Print Keyboard

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The SuperNova large print keyboard is designed for clients who struggle to see the lettering on their keyboard:

  • Large print letters (44-point, capital letters)
  • High contrast 'white on black'
  • 18 'Quick Buttons' for quick access to users' favourite SuperNova features


Available in UK, US, Arabic, Italian, Swedish and German keyboard layouts.

SuperNova USB

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SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader is also available as a USB - bringing instant magnification to any computer or Windows tablet!

Users can plug the SuperNova USB into any free USB port and experience instant access to their favourite SuperNova features, complete with their exact SuperNova settings.

No hassle or set-up required!

Case Studies

Senior IT Systems Engineer at WACKER Picture

Senior IT Systems Engineer at WACKER

As a senior IT systems engineer for international employer WACKER, Stefan Kaiser has proven expertise in current technology and a personal interest in accessibility. Stefan has chosen SuperNova for himself and his low vision colleagues.


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"SuperNova has one outstanding element of functionality which is the intuitive touch control. It’s easy to pinch to zoom in and out. Use the 3 finger gesture to turn it on or off. With longer text, I let the computer read and I just listen."

Stefan Kaiser, Senior IT systems engineer, WACKER



“I love having SuperNova on my RNIB computer. It is running very smoothly and I have encountered no problems whatsoever; much more than can be said for my time with ZoomText!”

Robin Spinks, Senior Manager, Digital Accessibility Consultancy Team, RNIB


"The whole package is fantastic but the feature I like most is click and read. This allows me to pick out the areas that I wish to read rather than read the whole document or page."

Mark Abel, Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust