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Losing your sight is life changing. Devices such as laptops and PCs have the potential to help you regain some independence, but what if you're new to using technology? 

Guide is simple talking technology, designed for people with partial sight or blindness, who have little or no experience of using computers. Send emails, browse the web, write letters, read books and newspapers, hear your post read aloud and much more. 

All the scary stuff is stripped back and every task is presented as simple step-by-step menus that are clutter and jargon free. Pick high contrast colours that suit your sight and listen to the friendly voices that speak everything aloud.

Download a free 30-day trial of Guide and see just how easy it is.



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  • Designed for sight loss
  • Unique step-by-step menus are presented in high contrast colours of your choice
  • Friendly voice reads aloud your options every step of the way
  • Send emails, browse the web, write letters or hear your post read aloud
  • Download and read books, newspapers and much more


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Designed for sight loss

If your sight is deteriorating, Guide can evolve with you, supporting you every step of the way. 

Guide’s talking menus are refreshingly simple and totally accessible. 

Specifically designed to support people with sight loss, friendly human sounding voices read aloud Guide’s menus and instructions. 

Partially sighted people can zoom in so Guide's menu options become larger and easier to see. Choose high contrast colours that suit you, and you've got crystal clear menus that are read aloud for added confidence.


Five stars

"I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who needs assistance with basic computing skills"

Jamie Pauls, AccessWorld® magazine, American Foundation for the Blind

Five stars
"The Guide software is fantastic and Dolphin seems focussed entirely on the user, from both a product and training perspective."

Andy Yates, RNIB

Five stars 

"It’s so easy to use that anyone of any age with any sight problem can use it straight away. I think Guide is certainly a worthwhile investment."

Zena Meacham


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