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Powerful and customisable screen reading for today's software applications

Speech and braille access for Windows

ScreenReader provides a fast, robust and reliable solution for accessing modern software applications. Take advantage of comprehensive support for the latest Microsoft Office packages, the newest web browsers and a huge array of other popular programs.

Clear human-sounding speech is backed up with the option to connect a refreshable braille display. Take control of what is read back to you with an exhaustive range of options, allowing you to fine-tune it to your exact requirements.

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  • Speech and braille access put you in complete control of your computer
  • Natural-sounding voices intelligently read documents, emails, web pages and other apps in detail
  • Reliably speaks characters and words as you type, increasing confidence and accuracy
  • Quickly navigate between text, links, headings, tables, charts and other items using ScreenReader’s built in tools
  • Refreshable braille accurately displays spelling, punctuation and layout
  • Scan and read (OCR) your paper documents or inaccessible PDFs


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Designed Specifically for Blind People

ScreenReader is specifically designed for people with blindness or anyone that has no useful sight.

There is no need to struggle with seeing the screen because everything you need to know is spoken, or brailled and can be easily navigated with simple keyboard access.

Perfect for people that rely solely on speech output, use only Braille, or prefer a blend of both.


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"Previously I was putting my face up to the monitor. I use SuperNova to read lecture slides and to do my course work. It's unimaginable what life would be like without it."
Ben, Computer Science Undergraduate, Keele University

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"Finally I have just retired after 32 years in Social Work and this is a job that I would simply not have been able to do without ScreenReader. I have been using Dolphin since it started and I am truly grateful to you all for enabling me to have a happy and successful career."
Richard Pryor

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"I found it to be the most stable product around for the high security Windows environment in which I work all day. I cannot afford to use an access product that even periodically crashes my system."
Paul Holliman, Civil Servant