Meet SuperNova Kiosks - 1 Video(s)

  1. SuperNova Kiosks: Making Self-Service Accessible

Meet SuperNova - Magnifier & Screen Reader - 28 Video(s)

  1. Meet SuperNova
  2. SuperNova - Crystal Clear Magnification for Windows 10
  3. Accessibility at Work, with SuperNova
  4. 5 Reasons Why Low Vision Students Choose SuperNova
  5. My Changing Sight, through Primary to Secondary School
  6. What's New in SuperNova
  7. Overcoming Sight loss at University, with SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader
  8. Magnify with Multiple Monitors
  9. more

Meet GuideConnect - 4 Video(s)

Losing your sight is life changing, and a struggle when it comes to computers, which is why GuideConnect brings you simple talking technology, for sending emails, reading books, browsing the internet, and much more. Find out more at

  1. Meet GuideConnect - Simple Talking Technology
  2. How GuideConnect Helps - Rosemary's Story at Kent Association for the Blind
  3. Easy to use Video Calling, with GuideConnect
  4. GuideConnect on Your TV, with a Remote Control

Läs och ladda ner böcker från SuperNova - 2 Video(s)

Ladda ned dina favoritböcker från Legimus och Inläsningstjänst AB med SuperNova. Du hittar mer information på

  1. Ladda ner böcker från Legimus, med SuperNova
  2. Lasa böcker från Legimus, med SuperNova

GuideReader - Nederlands - 2 Video(s)

Als gedrukte boeken onmogelijk frustrerend zijn, waarom niet eens kijken naar GuideReader? De eenvoudigste manier om door boeken te bladeren die u kunt lezen, GuideReader: Meer informatie op

  1. GuideReader gebruiken - Voor computers
  2. GuideReader gebruiken - Voor televisie

GuideReader - Italiano - 2 Video(s)

Se i libri stampati sono incredibilmente frustranti, perché non dare un'occhiata a GuideReader? Il modo più semplice per sfogliare i libri che puoi leggere, GuideReader. Scopri di più su

  1. Come usare GuideReader - Per i computer
  2. Come usare GuideReader - Per la televisione

GuideConnect Tutoriels - Français - 4 Video(s)

GuideConnect est une technologie d'assistance simple et parlante pour la déficience visuelle qui vous aide à utiliser l'informatique. Courrier électronique, divertissement et Internet en toute simplicité.

  1. Guide Connect : utilisation avec écran tactile
  2. GuideConnect : utilisation avec la télécommande
  3. GuideConnect : utilisation avec la saisie vocale
  4. GuideConnect tutoriel : utilisation avec un clavier

Françaises - 3 Video(s)

Notre logiciel d'agrandissement, de lecture d'écran et d'accessibilité aide les personnes atteintes de glaucome, de dégénérescence maculaire et d'autres types de perte de vision. En savoir plus sur

  1. Voir différemment, avec SuperNova Enterprise & Citrix
  2. Tutoriel : Le logiciel de revue d'écran Supernova Agrandisseur & Lecteur d'écran
  3. EasyReader Lire Écouter Des Livres Sous iOs Android Gratuitement Epub TXT AVH Éole Livres Audio

Employment - Blind & Low Vision People using SuperNova at Work - 7 Video(s)

Meet SuperNova customers who use SuperNova's speech, magnification and Braille at work. Whatever combination of magnification speech or Braille access you need to be productive, SuperNova makes sure you can do the job, even if your sight fluctuates during the working day or varies throughout your career. SuperNova is preferred by employers seeking to maximise potential of all staff with sight loss. Network deployment, professional support and maintenance are simplified for organisations because in a single product SuperNova makes machines accessible for the widest range of people who are partially sighted or blind.

  1. Accessibility at Work, with SuperNova
  2. Low Cost Video Magnifier! With SuperNova Connect & View
  3. SuperNova USB with Guest Mode - zero install & instant magnification
  4. Blind Veterans UK & SuperNova - Our Story
  5. My SuperNova Review! - Submitted by Brian Fountain
  6. "Automatic Language Switching" with SuperNova Speech, and Magnifier & ScreenReader
  7. Magnify with Multiple Monitors

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